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Repairs: Air Conditioner not working? Call us, we offer service repairs on all makes and models. We can get your air conditioner running in tip-top shape.

Maintenance:  Car owners know to regularly change their car's oil and follow the maintenance plan in their owners manual to keep their car in top shape and running as long as possible.  Did you know that you need to do the same for your HVAC system?  Your HVAC system runs for hundreds of hours, accounts for most of your homes energy use and costs thousands of dollars to replace.  Routine maintenance helps protect this investment by extending the life of your equipment.  Call us and learn more about our maintenance programs.


Installations: We offer a large selection of energy efficient and environment friendly air conditioners for replacement and new installations. If you need a new air conditioning system, call Rivera's Heating and Air Conditioning today!


 York CZH Affinity Air Conditioner

York YCHD Horizontal AC Unit

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